Freelance Designer vs. Design Studio: the Hard Choice

As a rule, you have to choose between the services of freelance designers and studios. And often this choice is not easy. Before you decide on which way to go, you have to consider a lot of nuances. Just before I start: a link to the possible consequences of a wrong approach to the logo design process.

In the paper, we’ll unveil the most important points along with all “+” and “–” of choosing a freelancer or a studio.


Web Designer

The well-thought design is crucial for turning potential visitors into buyers. Most likely, you will begin to search for a web designer in social networks, crowdsourcing platforms, or by advice and recommendations.

Freelance Designer vs Design Studio


The next factors will help you select the best candidate:

1.  The budget. The understanding of how much you’re able to invest will help you to set search boundaries at the very beginning and conduct an honest dialogue with candidates.

2. The meaning of a branding for you. The professionally executed logo and individual design will certainly affect the final cost of the work. Some designers are also the developers; however, please first look for someone who can create a style and strategy of promotion of your brand, and only then find developers who’ll write the code.

3. The type of work you need. Are you interested in a blog or an online store? Do you want to get as many subscribers as you can or to sell something? While some designers have more experience in the creation of the standard blogs, others know how to deal with a complex structure, a basket, and CTAs

Make sure that the chosen designer can optimize your site for mobile application. Ask yourself whether the platform makes the website looks like you’ve imagined it.

Also, think about the components and capabilities. What and how many buttons do you need? Think about whether the website will be connected to other sites, as well as whether it needs video content and sophisticated functionality.

4. The level of the designer’s analytical skills. Actually, the creation of website design is only half the battle: the real success often depends on the internal operation of the site. Tools like Google Analytics along with adding alt tags and titles will help your site to be promoted well.

5. Think about what will happen after you create the website. To hold a reasonable place among the competitors, your site should be active and updated with new content and effective CTAs. Therefore, you need a small introduction to the management. When choosing a designer, specify the conditions for maintaining the site and learning the necessary skills.

Sometimes you may think that you don’t need a designer. It can be true for small businesses when you can just use Wix features without any outside help or an interactive review of top Website Builders where users can find the best Website Builders and create their site in 4 minutes or less.  


If you hire a designer, please explain to him clearly and in details what results you want. The main point is the ability to find a common language and think in advance. It will help you put the right questions to the candidates and hire the right one.

Be sure of your requirements, be flexible enough, and don’t forget about your ultimate goal.


Web Design Studios

There are many web design studios, offering high quality, reasonable prices, and strict deadlines.

We have a few tips on how to choose a right web design studio:

      1. Explore the studio’s website. Does the website have clear navigation and fast loading speed? How is it displayed in different browsers? The website of a web design studio is its face, virtual office, and self-promotion tool.
      2. Consider the domain name. Professional web design studios often have paid hosting.
      3. The experience. How long is the particular studio in the market? Consider the quality and the quantity of works performed by the studio (they are often placed in the portfolio). Go to a few of your best-liked sites and test the usability.
      4. Check the authenticity of the portfolio. Go to a few websites presented in the portfolio and look at the copyrights to see the data about the studio that developed the resource. Also, you can call one of the companies and get the feedback about the particular web design studio.
      5. Visit the best web studios. Professional web design studios will appoint a meeting at their office, which is a big plus: firstly, you can be sure that the office really exists, secondly – you can estimate the level of the studio and whether it complies with the declared price.
      6. Remember that more expensive does not mean better. The price of the order is predetermined by its scale, complexity, and deadlines.
      7. Estimate the competence of the web-designers team. A jack of all trades will unlikely to produce something valuable.
      8. Sign the contract. Work on parole is beneficial neither to you nor a studio.



Freelance Designer vs Design Studio


The Conclusion

There’s no direct answer on what is better – a studio or an independent designer. However, both studios and designers can be divided into 3 groups according to their level: proficient, mid-level, and beginners. And this is something from which you can make a choice!


    • The worst studio is even worse than the worst designer. The threshold for entering a design studio is minimal, while the freelancer’s skills and, what’s more important, feedback, are shown in the account statistics.


If each penny is critical, you can hire one of the strongest freelancers-beginners who will work almost for free to build reputation.

    • The top-notch studio is equal to the top-notch designer. If you are looking for super quality, be ready to spend a lot of money. In the studio, professionals can work on the project while the individual professional have only 24 hours a day. However, the freelancer’s rate can be significantly lower.

Choose the top designer if you’re sure about his skills and ready to wait for the longer time.

    • A mid-level freelancer is better that a mid-level studio. This is the biggest market segment or 80% of all performers. An intermediate freelancer is often a former employee who has gone to work for himself (this, of course, is not the only scenario, but perhaps the most common). Also, the freelancer has no weekends and holidays, or, at least, may sacrifice them. The cost of freelance work is always lower since there’s no rent, salaries of managers, cleaners, accountants, etc.


Brian Jens is a logo designer at www.DesignContest.Uk. He tracks modern design trends and creates valuable materials, sharing them with the world. Feel free to send Brian your ideas for researches if you have ones.

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