This tutorial will help you to customize PSD Flyer Templates with Adobe Photoshop in a short time.

Customize PSD Flyer Templates with Adobe Photoshop

  When you open the PSD file in Photoshop, you will find layers well organized and color-coded, which allow you to easily edit the file. See image below :

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1/ Replacing Text

First, select the Horizontal Type Tool. Find and click on the text you wish to edit and enter the desired text. While you are editing the text, 2 icons will appear on the top toolbar. Click to accept your changes or to cancel. See image below:

Note: You may get a message regarding ‘missing fonts’. This simply means you do not have the fonts on your machine. You can follow instructions on the help file within your download zip file, or use fonts that are already installed on your machine.

2/ Replacing Images

Find and click on the layer of the flyer that you want to customize in the Layers panel on the right side. See image below:

To add your image, you can simply drag and drop in the new image of your choice. Remember to click the Commit button to save all changes.

Note: If your image isn’t quite the right size, you may need to adjust it.   Adobe has some great “Getting Started” tutorials for Photoshop to customize PSD templates by Bunty Pundir.

3/ Editing a 3D title


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