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Nora Achab Thatsdesign

Nora Achab Laboureur
Co-founder / Graphic & Webdesigner - Store Manager

I’m Nora, a professional graphic & web designer with over 8 years of strong experience in Graphics and Webdesign. I love playing sports and photography, which allows me to capture life’s cool moments. 

I believe in the power of positivity because everything begins in the mind. So come on, let’s create amazing works together!


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Lionel Laboureur
Co-founder / graphic designer

I’m Lionel, I have been a professional sailor around the world for almost 13 years travelling on S/Y Dolphin, one of the five ever built Abeking & Rasmussen sailing yacht. Weeks and weeks without sight of lands gave me the time, inspiration and creativity to refine my skills on graphic design, becoming a real passion.

Since 2011, I decided to settle down to make my passion a profession. 

Welcome aboard!

Outside of the office and away from technology, we both share a love for the ocean, sailing, travelling, music…


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